I hope this note finds you safe and well during these uncertain times. I am writing to talk about the experience I had today at Dr. Arzadon’s office. My experience was so incredible that I forgot I was going to the dentist to discuss a pain concern. I was greeted by Leonel and Geraldine whose customer service was exceptional. He understood why I was a few minutes late and told me the staff was waiting for me and would be happy to see me. If those comments were supposed to put me at ease, it did. Leonel also made me feel quite welcome by asking about my family and our safety during the pandemic. I was next seen by Mike who took the CAT scan. Mike was extremely pleasant and made sure I was comfortable during the procedure. I think it’s important for you to know that the tech who serve as brand ambassadors for Dr. Arzadon exceeded expectations in service. Thank you for hiring a team that welcomed me. In this climate of civil unrest and social injustice, to be seen as a valued customer meant the world. Enjoy your weekend! Regards, Chekita Hamilton