Dr. Arzadon performed an extraction on me seven years ago. A week ago, I went to a dentist thinking they were going to extract a tooth where an old filling fell out. They were unsuccessful and recommended that I see an oral surgeon. I remembered Dr. Arzadon and the fact that he was the first dentist to work in my mouth who did not hurt me. Yesterday, Dr. Arazdon extracted the tooth for me and I did not feel anything when he said "I'm done." I said "No way." He said "Yes way." Today I was singing praises to someone in my doctor's office and she said "I am afraid of the dentist." I mentioned to her that all of my experiences with dentists as a child have been horrible and I have always had a fear of dentists but after my second experience with Dr. Arazdon and his staff, I am in love! (note: If I had met Dr. Arazdon 40+ years ago, I would not be having the problems I am having at this point of my life!) She was so excited after I sang his praises that she asked if I had a card. I gave her one. Today I am smiling again because of Dr. Arazdon and his staff!